Changes for Beazer's Garden! ~ We're Moving!!


For the last few years Beazer's Garden has been based on Etsy. Though it's slow getting found in the hundreds of thousands of other shops that have populated the space, we have a strong following THANKS TO YOU!   But with the changes in Etsy policy and the climate of the site,
I've decided to open up another "location" elsewhere.

I've started a few new spaces and would very much appreciate your help in selecting a second home base.

Browse around in these potential spaces and "Like", "Favorite", "Recommend" my items to start off my ratings.  Which shop do you think looks better, is easier to navigate and use, which offers more perks for you? 
The 2 shops that get the most likes from you will be contenders for my next location. You can submit your answers here.




This is not a solicitation to buy, but if you would like to make a purchase through one of those new sites, I will give you 30% off your order there.    

In the coming months I'll be launching some new products: a natural deodorant, shaving cream and shampoo & conditioner for starts. I would like to get the feedback of past customers before they hit the cyber shelves. If you would like to sample one of these items or an item that I already carry which you haven't tried, FOR FREE,
please contact me here and let me know.

Offer Ends January 26th, 2014


Don't Delay!

I'm hoping to make the change by the end of the month!
Please Complete Offers By the Date Above
Feedback on Your Etsy Order
If you haven't already, please take a few minutes and leave some feedback on your purchase from Beazer's Garden. A star rating and a few words is all you need to apply.
Even if the gift was for someone else, you can comment on the ease
of your transaction, communication, timeliness of delivery
or availability of special items.

*Get a $10 Gift Certificate when you complete this survey.

New Customers: Click here to take survey

Repeat Customers: 
Click here to take survey


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