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Monday, April 29, 2013

Coupons of the Week!


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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who doesn't like Pink? ~ Treasury Thursday

I do! Especially in these items from handmade and vintage Etsy shops, like my herbal bath soaps, ceramic pitcher and flower photography.

Curated by wilma van asch from constarlation, an Etsy shop specializing in prints on everyday items like bags, posters and things for the home.

Keep It Green ~ Treasury Thursday

Curated by Mary J from HipAndHail, 
a shop featuring handmade hair accessories. Mary writes... "Inspired by earth day. Inspired by my children as I wish to help leave this world in as good-a-shape (or better) as it was when I entered it."

I agree! And I think these shops help display that sentiment....

Dryer Balls, Photography, and my Natural Laundry Soap

Take 30% off your purchase in my shop with code GREEN until 4/27!

Lime, Lilac and a Little Mint~ Treasury Thursday

A soft green palette of items from the Wedeclectic team on Etsy.
make great gifts for a bride or her wedding party.

Brought to you from Karen from BlingForTheTable
an Etsy shop featuring beautiful wedding or party day table settings.

Visit Team page & blog for unique wedding ideas. Blog:

Orange Sunshine~ Treasury Thursday

"A bright pop of orange doesn't have to mean autumn."
A festive collection of gift items like orange striped paper straws, bridal bouquet charms, and my Boho Essential Oil Necklace Set (Take 30% off until 4/27)!
Brought to you from Karen from BlingForTheTable
an Etsy shop featuring beautiful wedding or party day table settings.

For more great wedding ideas visit us here:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Week Sale at Beazer's Garden


30% off all orders (min $15) with coupon code GREEN until 4/27.

Give your sweetie (or yourself) a gift of natural herbal goodness! 
If only computers had scratch and sniff technology for you to smell the yumminess!

Handcrafted bath teas & salts, body oils, herbal soaps, sugar scrubs, shea butters, mens items & more, made with natural certified organic herbs, pure essential oils and love! 
My items provide aromatherapy to the senses, nourishment to your skin, AND are safe to use around children & pets.

Monday, April 22, 2013


One of my favorite new calender events! 

We need to pause and recognize our interdependence with nature.  Since the first Earth Day in 1970, concerned people around the world have found ways to reconnect with our responsibility to be stewards of the planet. 

Now-a-days it's very easy to find ways to 
be kind for the health of the planet and ourselves.

The two ways I reconnect is through 
my products and my work in environmental education. 

How do you reconnect?

In the lab, ready to make my all natural products 

My daytime job at garden for kids

Earth Day Treasury~ Greens & Browns...

In honor of Earth Day, 
I'm posting a Treasury (usually on Thursdays) today!

The basic components to a functioning compost system are the idea behind these great items in this treasury. (They probably were not directly inspired by compost but let's pretend for Earth Day!)
Featuring items that are handmade and all natural like my laundry soap powder, and vintage or gifts made from re-purposed parts, any of these items would make a tree huggin' greenie proud!


Curated by

Monday, April 15, 2013

Coupons of the Week!

Check out some other shops from Etsy this week while I get ready for my Mother's Day posts! Enjoy!


Handmade beaded jewelry Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and Anklets. Also selling supply for making jewelry.




Coupon code: mothersday20


FREE SHIPPING on items $50 and over.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are not Stuck!

green light bulb1

The greatest discovery of my generation is

that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.

~William James


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Butterfly Parks

Butterflies are urban canaries indicating diverse natural habitats that support all sorts of beneficial pollinators
No butterflies equals poor urban habitat. Only one or two sightings or species means the habitat is lacking in many of the elements needed to support a diverse community. Here’s how to create a Butterfly Park in your backyard or community garden.

English: Bangkok Butterfly Park, Golden Birdwi... 

§  A Butterfly Park is an area planted in a sunny spot in your garden to attract butterflies (and other pollinators) filled with a variety of native perennial nectar and host plants.

§  Sure, you can plant annuals and sunflowers in a Butterfly Park. Just remember you will have to replant or replace annuals every year.

 §  Most native plants will tolerate weather conditions in the area and may be drought tolerant. You should, however, mulch the Butterfly Park to help retain water and keep the weeds down.

 §  Butterflies and the nectar and host plants they like need full sun. Place the Butterfly Park in an open, sunny location that has some wind protection.

 §  Butterflies need to be warm to fly. Place a large, flat rock or two in the Butterfly Park so they can sun themselves.

 §  Butterflies need water. Make a small depression in the Butterfly Park, lining the edges with rocks and adding a little water each day. 

 §  To get your Butterfly Park started, we suggest a minimum area of 4’X4’ with 8-12 different plant varieties in 1 gallon pots but use as much space as you want and feel free to add more than one of each type of plant.

 §  Use 2 8’ 2’x4’s cut to 4’ lengths to make a border for your Butterfly Park. Just screw the corners together to make a square. This will delineate the area from the rest of the garden and keep people from trampling the flowers. 

 §  Inside the perimeter of your Butterfly Park, dig out the grass and loosen the soil with a garden fork. Generally, no soil amendments are required for native plants unless your soil is very low in organic material. If it is, a couple of inches of compost mixed in will help. NEVER USE PESTICIDES IN A BUTTERFLY PARK!

 §  Think “miniature landscape” when you plan your Butterfly Park or use square foot gardening to imagine 2’ X 2’ squares each with a different type of plant, plant type, color, texture. Consider the size of mature plants and the angle from which most people view your park.

 §  Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Weed and Bee Balm make wonderful additions in the corner of your Butterfly Park. When placed in the corner, you can use the other ¾ of the park to highlight other plants that might be otherwise overshadowed.

 §  Unused tree pits can be perfect sites for a Butterfly Park, but like street trees, they may need some type of guard to keep dogs out.

 §  Label your plants, where appropriate, and you will increase the educational value of the Butterfly Park. Invite the local Public School to use the area as a field trip resource.

 §  If space permits, expand your Butterfly Park. Enjoy the Butterflies you attract to your garden and neighborhood by creating a wonderful habitat for them.

 §  Visit NYBG’s Bronx Green-Up Beginners’ Guide to Butterfly Gardening or Community Green’s Butterfly, Host, Nectar Plants for more information.

Article written by guest author:

Charles Vasser 917.691.8037
Community Green Butterfly Parks

Monday, April 8, 2013

Coupons of the week!

Beazer's Garden
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If you are a crafter and have coupons you would like to share, please send me a link and I will post them here and send out through stumble, twitter & Facebook!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How Clean is Clean? ~ Eco Tuesday

April is Earth Month, an expansion on the action-orientated principles of Earth Day, which was conceptualized in 1969.  The basic idea is to protect our environment by being aware and conservative in our use of resources. This can take many forms, from eating healthy through local sources, supporting businesses that promote sustainable practices and realizing the options available to us as consumers. 

 When I'm cleaning my home, I cringe every time I have to dump a bucketful of chemical filled dirty water down the drain, knowing it could end up in our water system.  Though most of our water gets treated to remove harmful particles before we use it again (our water is a process of recycling ya know), sometimes the water doesn't make it to the treatment plant.  Sometimes, due to poor city infrastructure, it gets washed back out into our waterways during a heavy rain or seeps into the ground in our communities or overflows into our streets from clogged sewage pipes.

"As consumers we are bombarded with products that may look attractive and claim to be effective in what it does, but they cause harm to our health and that of the planet.  Particles that don’t breakdown, animal testing, harmful ingredients and negative side affects should not be normal for items that we use on our bodies." The Story of Stuff, Anne Leonard.

Most commercial laundry soap contains harsh ingredients like ammonia, phosphorus and other chemicals that cause allergies, rashes, sinus problems & other unfortunate health issues.  According to the FDA, these detergents & chemical based degreasers leave residue on “cleaned” clothes, which can be absorbed by skin. This can lead to buildup of toxins in our system (bio-accumulation) over many years and doses.

I started making natural products in 2001 while working as a preschool teacher.  As I was cleaning my classroom one day it dawned on me that I was spraying harmful toxins into the air; covering the surfaces we played, eat and slept on with chemicals.  I thought about the bleach- covered toys that the toddlers would put in their mouths when I wasn’t looking and decided to do something about it.

Feeling good shouldn't be bad for you!

My products are one way that I like to contribute to a healthier planet. What are some things you can do? Start something new this Earth Month and make it a life-long habit in saving the planet.

Monday, April 1, 2013

14 Creative Uses for Mesh Produce Bags

Article borrowed from: Karisa Tell, Editor for

We asked our Facebook fans what they would do with mesh produce bags from the grocery store once the produce is gone. These little bags, which hold clementines, apples, brussels sprouts, and more, are too cute to throw away. Here are some genius ideas our crafty fans came up with for ways to reuse mesh produce bags. We love crafts using recycled materials!
Mesh Produce Bags
  1. Wad them up in a ball, secure with an elastic, and use them as scrubbies to clean nonstick pans and other dishes.
  2. Hang the bags from a mirror and throw hair bows in them for easy access.
  3. Make potpourri sachets from them. First line each bag with colored tissue paper, fill them with a small amount of potpourri, and tie them shut with a decorative ribbon.
  4. Carry sand toys to the beach inside of them.
  5. Hold skeins of yarn inside the mesh bags, then pull from the center right through the mesh. No more tangles!
  6. Make them into bath loofahs.
  7. Sew them into the shape of a stocking, finish with binding fabric, and fill with pet treats. Mesh bags make pet stockings like they sell in stores.
  8. Run them through your embossing machine to add texture to your cards.
  9. Fold them in half, sew an X through them, and use them as dish rags.
  10. Add velcro so the bags can be opened and closed, and use them as lingerie laundry bags.
  11. You can crochet with them! Make crochet table settings and doilies from the mesh.
  12. Sew a doormat made of mesh product bags. Cut them into long strips, pin 3 or 4 together at one end and braid. Then sew the ends to another strip and continue until you have a long braid several feet long. Lay flat and and start to curl in an oblong shape. Stitch this as you go so you end up with a mat.
  13. Use them as a paint brush for splatter painting. Dip the wadded up mesh into your paint, then fling it at your canvas for a splattered look!
  14. Stretch the mesh over an old frame, staple it in place, and hang earrings from it for a stylish earring organizer.
By: Karisa Tell, Editor for 

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