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DIY-Halloween Props That Turn to Look at You as you Walk By

by DIYHacksAndHowTos

I love how people can automate items and make them move as props for events.  This seems like such a cool project, but I wouldn't have foggiest idea of how to go about setting it up. If you are good with computer programming, have fun! Take pictures and share your creations.

Interactive Halloween props are always fun and they are surprisingly easy to make. This year I designed a simple system that rotates a skull to face you and follows you movements as you walk by.

To accomplish this I used light sensors to detect a person's shadow. An Arduino microcontroller then calculates where they are standing and activates a servo that turns the skull to face them. When they move, the skull turns to follows them.
Step 1: Select a Halloween Prop to Use
The first thing that you need to do is select a Halloween prop that will turn and follow people walking by. Look for props that are both creepy and light weight. I chose to use a foam skull but there are a lot of other…


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Photos of the Week!

So as some of you may know, aside from crafting body products, I'm also an environmental educator. I help people learn about gardening and sustainable practices for their homes and schools
I love this aspect of my life, getting dirty and "being one with nature" fills me with a calming sense of purpose. The process of finding out who I am was touch as I was conflicted with what others thought I should be and how I felt about my strengths, passion and what I wanted to do with my time on the planet. I've gone through so many changes in career which is a needed thing for some. I'm helping a family member go through this exploratory phase, hoping she can let go of some of the fear and hesitation and go through this journey with an open mind and heart to her personal destination.
Here are a few photos of where my week goes. Enjoy!