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May the Fourth Be With You - New Beginnings - Happy Birthday To Me - The Do's and Don’ts of getting older.

Spring seems to have come and gone already, highlighting the fact that time moves quickly.

As I washed dishes the other night, I fell into a meditative state, which often happens when doing easy housework like that. I realized that two years had passed, almost to the date of the beginning of my treatment for breast cancer. The calm, content feeling I have now was in sharp contrast to the rollercoaster ride of emotions I'd gone through being "sick" and unemployed. I had ALL the feelings! To be expected, I guess. Cancer sucks. But the lessons though…

I’ll be turning 45 next couple of weeks, and looking back over the last few years, the Challenges, the Accomplishments, I’ve realized a few things, they aren’t new, but things that we (I) easily forget it seems until we are forced to remember who we are.
Do the things that you love to do. What were the things that sparked your imagination, and excitement and curiosity when you were younger? Hopefully, over the years you’ve dabb…