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New items in shop! Natural Home Cleaning Products

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Finally got my most of my natural home cleaning items listed! These are based off some of the first items I created years ago, while I was a preschool teacher.  I didn’t like the fact that we used so many chemicals to “clean” our rooms, and hated seeing the kids eat, sleep and play on the surfaces.  So I made some natural home remedies that did the trick and made us feel better to boot!
Essential oils are natural antibacterial, anti-viral and miracle ingredients based from the wonderful plants Mother Nature has provided for us.  I’d place my bets with her ingredients over the scientific jumbo found on store bought “cleaners”.

I have natural laundry soap powder, natural liquid soaps, scrubbing powder, linen/airsprays, soy wax melts & more in large and sample sizes.
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New item in shop!

Whipped Body Butter Popular item! 

It’s whipped formula is easily absorbed and melts into skin, leaving your body moisturized  and soft all day long! And you don’t have to use too much at a time,  a little goes a long way with this creamy body butter and you get 8 oz!
*Use when skin is still warm and damp after bathing or showering. Choose from my wonderful essential oil blends or you can order unscented.
Whipped Body Butter So Soft by BeazersGarden on Etsy.

Beazer’s Garden/Heartsy Update-Just in time for Valentine's Day!

My Heartsy sale is underway!
If you are a member, grab your voucher before they run out!  If you aren’t head over and sign up! 
$12 for $24 of store credit for regular members $12 for $34 of store credit for VIP’s! 
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