I love getting my hands dirty playing with plants! 

Since I was a child, I’ve always loved figuring out how things worked and often took objects apart just to put them back together again, much to the dismay of my caretakers. I was the handy-one in the family, designated to build the "assembly required" furniture and toys. Early career tests given in school suggested I would be a teacher, builder and/or farmer; they were right on all counts as I enjoy the creative process of communicating ideas, putting together projects and helping things grow.


Purpose Beyond Profits
I started creating my products in 2001 while I was a preschool teacher in Westchester. 

As I cleaned my classroom, one day I realized that the products we used in efforts to clean were actually toxin-filled and potentially harmful. I thought about the chemical-covered surfaces we played, eat and slept on and the toys that the toddlers would invariably put into their mouths when I wasn’t looking.  So I decided to do something about it.  My studies in herbology and essential oils helped me create a non-toxic cleaner from natural ingredients that quickly became popular among the other teachers. 

It left a great scent in the air instead of a chemical fog -- and it was effective!

And when my goddaughter got a common hair condition from her school, a simple recipe of plant-based essential oils worked quicker and most importantly, safer as compared to the expensive boxes of chemical, store-bought “fixes” we applied to ourselves over and over beforehand. I had a eureka moment and began creating safe bath and body alternatives like soaps, bath teas and body oils for my family and friends. 

As more people began to ask for items, I knew I had something.

I crafted "by night", either solo or with other kitchen witches, while "by day" I pursued a path in garden education and sustainability before it was a catchphrase.  What began as a part-time volunteer gig in community gardens became a career of caring for children, our community and the planet.

Over the last 18 years, I've been an educator and managed programs for wonderful eco-based organizations including, The New York Botanical Garden, Sustainable South Bronx, the Greystone Foundation, Hudson River Clearwater, CityParks Foundation, the Bronx River Alliance, and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, to name a few. 
  • I’m a registered NYC MWBE, 
  • Dept. of Education Business Vendor, 
  • a Master Composter, 
  • certified tree pruner, 
  • a nerd for stormwater management and green infrastructure,
  • and a bonafide tree hugger!
Want to learn how you can help protect the environment?       
 We offer a series of fun, hands-on educational eco workshops and stewardship opportunities called NATURE'S NURSES.
Contact us for more info!


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