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Beazer’s Garden/Heartsy Update!

Just confirmed my Heartsy deal will run next week! 

Click the link, vote & share with your circle and I will continue to make great products that are delicious and good for you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Related articlesBeazer’s Garden & Heartsy Sale Update… ( All Last Minute Shoppers!! (’s Garden & Easyshop360 Auction #2 (

Heartsy & Beazer’s Garden Together Again….

This just in…I’ve been signed up for another Heartsy deal!
If you missed it last time dont fret cause here it comes again! $12 for $24 of credit for regular members and $12 for $34 for Heartsy VIP members! Start date and details to come soon.
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Beazer’s Garden & Easyshop360 Auction #2

Join Beazer’s Garden and Enter To Win items from my shop! Sponsored by Easyshop360, this fun auction for cool, handmade items, features 7 of my all natural goodies for bath, body & home.Easyshop360 Auction #2There will be multiple prizes, a mini giveaway of one prize to vendors through, one prize to a WINNING PAYING customer, and one prize to browsing customers.Auction/giveaway open: January 23 -January 25, 2012 at 11:59pm PSTStay tuned for more info!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Valentines Day Gift Sets in Shop

Get yummy handmade products for you or someone you love! Get great discounts as a VIP!

BEAZER'S GARDEN  Naturally With Love!

~Citrus Spice Pomander~

Historical folklore reports that people made and carried pomanders to protect them from sickness.  In Wiccan practices pomanders are used to attract love. 

I just think their delicious scent makes closets & rooms smell great!

Each pomander is made with a fresh orange prepared with species and then dried for 2 weeks.
Tied in a beautiful ribbon for hanging.

~Citrus Spice Pomander~

~Vintage Glass Potpourri Bowl~

Display a fragrant blend of herbs in this beautiful glass bowl.

 Great for the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

                                                            Scalloped edges, 5"x2.5"

~Vintage Glass Potpourri Bowl~

Spiced Simmering Powder Set~ New items in shop.

Part of my new Winter Spice collection of products for the home.

Sprinkle some of the herbal powder into a pan of simmering water and fill your home with the scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and other warm spicy, woodsy scents. Can also be sprinkled on fireplace logs. One shaker is warm and spicy, the other is woodsy.


Spiced Simmering Powder Set~ New items in shop.

Reconnecting With Feelings

New Years Home Renewal

Week one of the New Year down! The start of a new year is the perfect time to take inventory of our lives. Holding onto un-needed items, unhealthy habits, thoughts and behaviors hold us back from reaching our full potential and goals. And just looks bad!

Getting rid of old, unused items in our homes is one way to lighten the weight of things that literally and figuratively bog us down. For some reason, we humans carry the weight of our stuff along with us in our minds, adding to the hundreds of other things we deal with on a daily basis. Clearing your space and switching things around breaks up and frees stale energy patterns and allows us to think a bit better on the things that really matter.
Here are some things to keep in mind as you go:
-Access your needs as you clean. Think of how you actually use your space, what has been working and what has not?  Keep doing what works, stop what doesn’t and make a game plan.
-Would certain items be more convenient if moved somewhere else? Ex: fil…