10 Ways to Use Essential Oils- Gifts

  • Bridal gift— Give our signature blend, "Love" Bath and Body Oil for the bride! Can be used for romantic baths, with a Scent Diffuser or as a perfume on neck and wrists.
  • Baby shower gift— Scent Diffuser with Lavender to bring peace to a mother and baby! Perfect for the baby’s room.
  • Newly pregnant mother’s gift – Morning sickness can be aided with Sweet Orange, Lemon, Peppermint, or Ginger. Can be inhaled straight from the bottle or diluted with your favorite carrier oil to be rubbed on tummy.
  • Father’s Day gift— Spray Beazer's Garden Multipurpose Air & linen Spray. Perfect for Dad’s car and help encourage his mood to and from work.
  • A birthday is a great time to give the basics in essential oils. Try Beazer's Garden Essential Oil Basics Set.
  • A Beazer's Garden Gift set is a great gift for natural herbs and oils!

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