Plants are Cool! 

I love getting my hands dirty, working and playing with plants! As an environmental educator, I teach students of all ages about our interdependent relationship with nature. Plants are extraordinarily versatile with many useful properties, able to therapeutically affect our bodies and minds to soothe, stimulate, clean, calm, tone and heal as needed.

I started making natural products in 2001 while I was a preschool teacher. One day as I cleaned my classroom I realized that the products we all used in efforts “to clean” were actually toxin filled and potentially harmful. I thought about the chemical-covered surfaces we played, eat and slept on and the toys that the toddlers would invariably put into their mouths when I wasn’t looking and decided to do something about it. My studies in herbology and essential oils helped me create a non-toxic cleaner that quickly became popular among the other teachers. It was natural, left a great scent in the air instead of a chemical fog and was effective! And when my goddaughter got a common hair condition from her school, a simple recipe of plant based essential oils worked quicker and most importantly, safer as compared to the expensive boxes of chemical, store bought “fixes” we applied to ourselves over and over beforehand. Plants have been in use for thousands of years and are a natural alternative to the chemical–based items we normally buy.

Beazer’s Garden Body & Bath products are made from plant-based ingredients, like certified organically grown herbs and pure essential oils. They do not contain harsh chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances and are safe to use around your children & pets.

Over the last 16 years my love of plants expanded to my working with many wonderful organizations including The New York Botanical Garden, The Hudson River Clearwater, CityParks Foundation and the NYC Department of Education. I’ve worked on bioremediation systems with The Gaia Institute, ecology restoration and beautification projects with the Bronx River Alliance and NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. I’m a registered NYC Business vendor, a Master Composter, certified tree pruner, and installer of green roofs, rain gardens and stormwater harvesting systems through my eco consultancy and contracting company, Nature’s Nurses.

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer in spring 2016 reaffirmed my studies of herbs and oils as I put them to use help boost, sustain and heal my body and mind throughout treatment along with traditional medical methods.

I hope they have as great of an effect on you as they’ve had on me, my family and friends. 


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