May the Fourth Be With You - New Beginnings - Happy Birthday To Me - The Do's and Don’ts of getting older.

Spring seems to have come and gone already, highlighting the fact that time moves quickly.

As I washed dishes the other night, I fell into a meditative state, which often happens when doing easy housework like that. I realized that two years had passed, almost to the date of the beginning of my treatment for breast cancer. The calm, content feeling I have now was in sharp contrast to the rollercoaster ride of emotions I'd gone through being "sick" and unemployed. I had ALL the feelings! To be expected, I guess. Cancer sucks. But the lessons though…

I’ll be turning 45 next couple of weeks, and looking back over the last few years, the Challenges, the Accomplishments, I’ve realized a few things, they aren’t new, but things that we (I) easily forget it seems until we are forced to remember who we are.

Do the things that you love to do. What were the things that sparked your imagination, and excitement and curiosity when you were younger? Hopefully, over the years you’ve dabbled, experimented, sought out and tried to find what it is you are meant to do.  Or the things that you really love to do, gave time to and explored, whatever it was: writing, gardening, fitness, music, art, business, philosophy, a spiritual path, raising a family… that you gave it time and attention and did something about it.

Over the years I played with and tested my hobbies to see where they fit in my life. Are these just enjoyments to pass time? If so, I try to make sure I do these things to fulfill my personal sense of joy and growth.

Starting seeds for a school garden: 
I’ve always liked being around kids and plants, so I put them together.

Or are they meant to serve a higher purpose? Can I turn this into my lifelong career?
I’m happy to say that I have, tried and done that, and now I have opportunities to set up the rest of my life the way I want it to be; still following the trajectory of my younger self to find my place.

I just took a long overdue weeklong trip to Colorado with a close friend. I tried to take photos to capture the amazing sight of The Rocky Mountains, clean city streets and jarringly friendly encounters with the residents there, many transplants from NYC. Photos and words can do no justice to the feeling of joy and renewal I got from that trip, an example of doing something different.

Do take risks, try new things; it’s never too late! Though turning 45 in a few weeks I still feel just as curious as I did back as a curious youth, but now it’s tempered with knowledge and experience to make hopefully better choices to reap bigger and better rewards. I see people younger and people older than me doing amazing things, however glorified or mundane. The amazement is that they are DOING it. Follow your inner Yoda.

Don’t give up. Don’t say it’s too late. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t listen to naysayers, especially if it’s you. Don’t put yourself down, it can become a habit.  I imagine I have a rubber band around my mind instead of my wrist so that whenever I think something negative about myself or my circumstances, I snap the band to break that painful thought and think about something positive instead.

We all come from the creative source of the universe. Understand and use that power.

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