Big Changes for Beazer's Garden

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Hi Friends, this Summer has been one fast paced roller coaster of a ride! Changes in my family, one of my 'lil sisters is staying with me; a great new day job doing things I love, working with children and gardening; developments in my personal life, if it's not working out let it's been much to deal with, but my family, friends and fans have kept me going.

Beazer's Garden will be undergoing some changes soon. I've asked for your opinion on a few things in my product survey and am moving ahead on changing the look of my products. I've been looking for a company that makes sustainable, bio-degradable containers and have narrowed it down to a few places. They are both beautiful options and I hope to make a decision soon.

One option for package

I've been behind on my newsletter, but the August (actually May-August) edition will be out soon, with more good news. My repeat customers and fans should really love it and hopefully new fans will spread the news as well. 

Right now I'm back to the lab to get more yummy products ready for craft fairs in NYC. 

The Busy Beaz!


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